Objective Of FDP

We are in the age of internet The explosion of data in the internet in various forms like structured. unstructured and semi structured has led the processing, a challenging task by traditional databases The phrase "Big Data" has come into existence in recent times because of the sheer volume of data being generated by social media like whatsapp. facebook, online shopping and many more fields Businesses have realized that analysing this huge volume of data can give extremely valuable insights that can help them drive revenues or profits or customer loyalty. Big Data Analytics is the process of examining large streaming data sets to uncover the hidden patterns, Market trends, user preferences, business information and the list is not exhaustive. Crunching Big Data has become imperative and provides competitive advantage to all industries vertical. The challenges encountered in Big Data Analytics are data analysis, capture, curing, storage visualization, querying etc. Big Data Analytics lends itself to large variety of use cases across multiple Industries. The objective of this FDP is to elicit the technical challenges in performing Big Data Analytics. It aims to discuss the opportunities and challen9es of Big Data and its related issues. The program will assist the faculty members, professionals, and researchers to understand about emerging Big Data Analytics techniques and its related issues with privacy and security. covering topics from Big Data Analytics platforms, NoSQL databases, big data privacy and hands on sessions on Big Data Analytic platform (Hadoop).

Topics to be deliberated

The major topics that would be covered day wise in FDP are:

Day 1: Introduction to Big Data, Basic of HADOOP & HDFS

Day 2: Sqoop/ Hive (ETL)

Day3: MapReduce & Pig

Day 4: NoSQL (MongoDB)

Day 5: Machine Learning with Big DData Tool Set

Main Technologies

Big Data

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